Hello World!
I'm Richard Tammar
Digital Architect / Strategist

I Speak...


Strategy, roadmaps, KPIs.

Wants a rocket, not overly concerned with how it's built, so long as it gets to Mars.


Systems, processes, frameworks.

Enjoys building awesome rockets with the latest rocket building materials, not too fussed about Mars.

Human Being

Integrity, warmth, humor.

Feels valued and encouraged through recognition of their unique and brilliant contributions.

Leadership Skills


I regard technology as a vehicle for positive change. I’m very curious about systems and I ask a lot of silly questions. I challenge processes and gain fulfillment by making things better.

Strategic Thinking

I’m analytical, with a human centered and data focused approach to problem solving: customer first and technology agnostic.


I’m warm, approachable, supportive, professional and egalitarian, with a reputation for capitalizing on individual talents and fostering excellent team dynamics.


Early, dismal experience as a third grade teacher nonetheless left with me surprisingly engaging presentation skills.


I have 17 years experience in team and project management. Resource allocation, cross departmental coordination and TPS reports.


I'm unafraid to take responsibility for failures. I'm unafraid to listen, learn and grow.

Technical Skills

Dynamic Pragmatism

I’m a proponent of human centered design, efficient process, coding standards, knowing our KPIs and sitting just behind the bleeding edge. Usability is king: let’s incite and reward interaction, let’s build systems that can adapt and grow with us, let’s try things out: imagine, create, test, measure, critique, adapt, repeat.

Systemic Design

I possess a comprehensive technical understanding of interface, application and database engineering through the product lifecycle, from initial specification through to performance optimization.

Web Technologies

I am an expert in web technologies, especially information architecture, content management systems, digital marketing solutions, dashboards and API development. I am also an experienced developer, highly competent in PHP, SQL, ColdFusion (remember that?), HTML, CSS and, to a lesser extent, JavaScript.


  • Travel Portland logo, modified

    2012 - present

    Director of Online Strategy

    Travel Portland

    Travel Portland is a Destination Marketing Organization developed to strengthen the region’s economy by marketing the metropolitan Portland region as a preferred destination for conventions, business and leisure travel.

    I'm responsible for the strategic development of our digital presence, encompassing web, mobile, social, email and advertising, and I direct efforts across a multiplicity of internal contributors, vendors and service providers.

    TravelPortland.com took the U.S. Travel Association's coveted Best Destination Website award in 2015, in addition to garnering four Addys and a Webby nomination. The site regularly attracts 400,000 visitors each month, a number that has more than tripled since 2012, and boasts industry leading engagement.

  • One Global Economy logo


    Director of Web Development

    One Economy Corporation

    One Economy Corporation was a Washington, D.C. based, global nonprofit organization that used the power of technology to connect underserved, low-income communities around the world to vital online information and resources.

    As the Director of Web Development I was responsible for a multiplicity of sites including The Public Internet Channel, The Beehive and Applications for Good with a combined traffic in excess of 700,000 unique visitors per month. I led the web development and project management verticals of the Media Division, with up to 20 reports, and provided technical leadership across a dozen simultaneous projects.

  • Logo for Lattice Semiconductor Corporation


    Web Manager

    Lattice Semiconductor

    Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) is a United States based manufacturer of high-performance programmable logic devices. Founded in 1983, the company employs about 700 people and has annual revenues of around $300 million.

    I led the development of the corporation's global web presence, intranet, extranet and email marketing campaigns. I line managed the web team and reengineered the corporate web site, significantly enhancing customer-satisfaction, usability, lead generation and organic search rank; significantly reducing support and maintenance overhead and marketing lead times.

  • Logo for The University of Sussex


    Web Manager

    University of Sussex

    The University of Sussex is a leading British public research university, with over 2,200 staff and 13,000 students.

    I was responsible for the University's web presence, ran technical lead on all major web development initiatives and line managed the web team. I conceived and engineered a campus-wide CMS enabling non-technical staff in 100+ subordinate units to maintain an independent departmental website without compromising corporate brand integrity. This was integrated with HR and curriculum systems to ensure currency of personnel data, program specifications et al. Through so doing I increased usability, reduced technical overheads and cut support costs.


Logo for The London School of Economics and Political Science

BSc Economics with Social Psychology

London School of Economics and Political Science

Probably ought to understood Brexit better than I do.

Logo for The University of Sussex

MA Women's Studies

The University of Sussex

Passed with distinction (summa cum laude). No discourse left undeconstructed.

Logo for The University of Brighton

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

The University of Brighton

Licensed to teach. Three to eleven year olds. In the UK. Yet the skills remain remarkably valueable.



By day I direct the world's best destination website.

Things to do in Portland
with Children

Documenting my ongoing search for child-friendly activities around town, my blog receives 5,000 visits a month.

The Marmalade Shore

My novel. Cult following. Five big Amazonian stars. Just sayin'.


I take documentary style pictures of people being themselves: spontaneous, expressive and idiosyncratic.

Text Tennis

It's the coolest game you've never played.